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Malay Navel Candles

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Malay Navel Candling & Abdomen Detox Therapy is an  extremely effective treatment. This abdominal and navel therapy belongs to the oldest form of therapy within traditional Malay Medicine


Navel Candling is a luxury treatment specifically for women. The aim is to work the entire body by combining different manual techniques such as Urut (massage to the abdomen) and navel candling. 

The treatment warms internally to increase blood and lymph flow in order to achieve a flow of Qi and blood along the Meridians and organs regulating them. 

Just a few of the benefits

· Improves Immune system & Metabolism

· Improves irregular Menstruation & Pain

· Improves Menopausal Symptoms

· Helps Bloated Stomach

· Helps Constipation

· Improves Blood Pressure

· Reduces Water Retention

· Helps with Gastric Problems

Each treatment is approx 30 min for £30  

A course of 3 is recommended to gain the full benefit, if all three are booked and paid for in advance a complimentary after care package will be given after the final treatment.

This includes

Aromatherapy infused Himalayan Bath Salts, 

2 x Reiki charged Crystals 

1 x Aromatherapy Sacral Chakra Candle

1 x rollerball vial of Aromatherapy blended oil used in your massage

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