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Gua Sha Face Massage 

Gua Sha is a technique that has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years .


It helps to encourage blood flow to the applied area, bringing nutrients to the skin and promoting the removal of toxins leaving plumper healthier looking skin by using the natural Meridian lines.

Gua Sha is applied with Rose Quartz crystals, known to repair, de-stress and decongest complexions. You can see the results on your face immediately after the first treatment. It is gentle, painless and non-invasive



Facial Gua Sha will help to:

· Attain a brighter, radiant, smoother and healthier    skin.

· Uplifts sagging skin to become suppler / firmer

· Improve skin cells growth and renewal

· Promotes a healthy and younger looking skin

· Release of stress

· Removes dark circles / eye bags / puffy eyes

Not suitable for anyone who has received facial fillers/botox or any face/neck surgery within last 6 months before the massage treatment.

Approximately 35-45 mins £30

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