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A Weekend with The Angels

If you love Angels, would like to learn more and become accredited in the beautiful healing modality of Rahanni then this is the weekend for you


 l would like to invite you to join with me and my Angelic Guides for a weekend of discovery, healing and coming together of like minded souls. 






Day One

Our weekend starts at 10am on Saturday 11th September with our first workshop -

" The Angelic Realm"  learn about the Seven Heavens (yes there really is more than just one)  Types of Angels, Who are they?  What do they do? How can we communicate with them?  Connect with Your Guardian Angel 

Next on our list is

"The Ascended Masters"  Here you will meet The Cohens of the 7 Rays,  Where do they come from & what do they do? Meet some of the more well known Masters and those that work with us during a Rahanni Healing session. 

Finally on day one, we explore

"Angel Cards" and giving readings, so if you have Angel/Oracle Cards please feel free to bring them with you (some will be available on the day) Ending our day by no later than 4:30pm


Day Two

Rahanni Celestial Healing - Accredited Practitioners Course

Starting at 10am,  today is dedicated to learning a powerful healing modality overseen by Angels & Ascended Masters. Find out about Where Rahanni came from, Why it is here, Enjoy those "ah ha" moments as the learning of yesterday falls into place, and Feel the warmth and love as you connect with these beautiful souls and your heart opens to receive your Attunment. 

Spend the afternoon sharing and receiving healing with your fellow students and myself as you practice your skills and learning how to send distance healing, ending our day with a guided meditation to discover who your own Rahanni Angel is and how they will help guide you. 


I am honoured to be appointed by Carol as one of the Guardians of Rahanni, and thank her everyday for the gift of this beautiful healing modality, l hope it will change and touch your life as it has mine... l look forward to welcoming you


TOTAL COST - £300 per person for the weekend,

(includes all Handouts, Manuals, Certificates & Attunment)



" One Heart"